Preston Sterling
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Game Preston Sterling is not the usual quest, and for the better! Lately all accustomed to the clumsy search for items that will carry you through the same locations, in an attempt to find a needle in a haystack, everything else, then the developers came up big and really tried to, at least in my opinion. By the way prepared her previously unknown Animation Arts Creative GmbH, but if it goes on, this situation is likely to change.

So what good can be found in this game?
If you understand in detail, then there is absolutely everything that you can choose from this genre. But let's start with the most important - to plot! Game Actions will be developed in the modern world, that does not prevent to remember a lot of the English legends and myths of all kinds, because we go to King Arthur's sword search! Our hero - an adventurer by the name of Preston Sterling, who collected a flared almost all genres, however, in this situation, this is the one we need. He is brave and enterprising, so that no problem takes on the job, even assuming many dangers waiting for him on the road ...

By the way of danger, then they are really a lot, but the developers have made gradual increase in the complexity of which will first deal with the simple, and only then move on to more difficult tasks. This will help you to easily get involved with the gameplay and do without tedious teaching that does not quite bad. As you expect a dynamic plot and a lot of other characters that will have to communicate and here is just useful to the fact that the game is available in three languages, including Russian, so that a large number of players definitely problems will not arise.

Extremely important.
What really impressed, so this location, which is not only much, but each of them is so carefully worked out that takes your breath away! And it is not dust in the eyes, which is trying to cover up the weaknesses of the other, this is a huge plus, and no more!
Of course the game is not without a large number of puzzles for which there are hints, and all this without Donat ...

Without the disadvantages do not exist.
Unfortunately the game has found one drawback - it is paid. Average price in the region of two dollars, but you should know in advance that there will be continued and is likely to also pay, so if you want to get involved in this adventure, then be prepared to pay.

Outcome: Game Preston Sterling definitely worth the money, no matter how many pieces has released the developers. If you love beautiful location, cool stories and a lot of difficulties - swing necessarily!


Preston Sterling


4.36★ 87.24%

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2016/04/08 10:24
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