City Run London
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Game City Run London for android is a paid project from the developers of City Quests Media Ltd, with which we are not yet familiar with, since this is their first attempt to conquer the audience, what they got very strange, what is there and will be discussed.

The game developers have turned it strange, or call it does not work, because this is the case when for each positive point, developers were able to find a little bit of negativity about the whole game and so is practically on the edge.
Let's start with a simple, she paid, but the price is rather low, a little more than a dollar, that few people are scare, and the project is clearly the author's and have worked on it, so pay that amount, in principle, can be ...
Since the author's project, we are waiting for the original design, and not the most popular feed. In particular, we expect comics mixed with a bit of action and a lot of dialogue that, in general, not bad, but all the dialogues are only available in English, and therefore a lot of play in it will not. The abundance of comics too, the situation is precarious, because someone loves them, but most prefer to spend more time on the game. Plus design here, too turned out a strange, beautiful graphics like, sometimes even polished, but the action takes place in the dark, which again suggests a specific audience.
However, the gameplay itself is quite interesting here, because we are waiting for some kind of stealth-action, puzzles and some other cool chips that together pretty well woven into the adventure with a full story, by the way of the story ...

Plot of the game will immerse us in the 16th century London, when the power was kept on the methods of intimidation and total control. It falls under the distribution of one of the activists, who decided to start to complain loudly enough for all troubles and misfortunes on one of the squares, pouring mud government in front of many people. By itself it pretty quickly sent to prison, where he was waiting for the pre-sentence - death by hanging. Our heroine is also an activist, so your task will be to release your companion, which is very difficult and rather long.

Bottom line: the game City Run London certainly is not without drawbacks, the important thing is that after the strong ties and obvious positive inclinations on the part of the developers we get a very primitive stealth that few people impress. However, if there is someone from that narrow audience that the game is designed, it is likely he will like it.


City Run London


2.39★ 47.71%

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2016/04/06 11:34
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