Game DIRAC is a new project from the developers called Mediocre, who a couple of years ago, have acquired more than 50 million fans through the game Smash Hit, which literally became a hit. Were they, and other projects are also quite popular, but for the most part paid, the same fee was the DIRAC project, which is a pretty nice arcade, for which we propose to pay two dollars. A lot or a little - you decide, here and now, we see that this game is like.

Conventional science.
The basis of the game has become a science, without a hint of reality, but a lot of abstruse words immediately available. The bottom line is that there are a corporation, with its advanced technology, you will be working in our company and use their newest invention - pererasfokusiruyuschy vetroskop, which is able to work with microuniverses, controlling their macroportions. That's something like that ... all sounds very complicated, but in fact it is the usual arcade game, so do not be scared!

In the center of the playing field will be the largest particle, which in appearance resembles an asteroid. This particle emits other particles, and smaller luminous, they resemble dots that can be of several colors. Your task is quite simple - to connect the dots of the same color, thereby earning points. Terms few - connecting line should not cross itself and you should try to get in the ring particle larger, which will sometimes fly to the center of the playing field to harm the original particle. That's all ;)


  • beautiful graphics
  • excellent animation
  • regularly appears something new
  • simple operation
  • the game is really addictive

games Disadvantages:

  • gameplay is fairly simplistic, it is impermissible for a paid game

Outcome: DIRAC game could be a excellent time-killer, but there is a problem - it is paid and who will pay two dollars for a good time-killer? Of course, the army of fans will do the trick, but no more than that, you can find analogues and free.



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3.52★ 70.38%

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2016/03/16 10:04
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