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The Westport Independent


Game The Westport Independent is a new project from the developers Coffee Stain Studios, which became known among android users through the simulator goat ... and it's not a joke. Overview of the "game" was already on our web site in September the year before, and, despite the fact that the game is paid, and, in general, very uporotyh, downloaded it almost one million people ... Chip goat simulator has been borrowed from the world of GTA and bottomless sea of ​​dullness, including the stupid mistakes that developers deliberately not corrected. However, this approach to work, the project can be considered successful. As they released at this time?

The new project is called The Westport Independent, after the name of the newspaper in which you will be offered to work the chief editor. If someone in the know what these people, there is a logical question, what's interesting is that a ton of free checking text in your spare time? A feature of the game is that your newspaper is available in the right place at the right time. The main problem is that your newspaper is one of the last independent, which means that while you can afford to print the truth, as opposed to your competitors. The game takes place in an unknown country in the postwar period, when power fell into the hands of the loyal party, in this case in addition to their weight are radical groups and many other forces, and any scandal caused by the next article could easily tip the balance on one side. Your job as an editor just such scandals and to arrange only carefully, balancing between the truth that you have to write and sheer aggression trapped under the scandal side, which can destroy the paper.

Everything and nothing.
On the one hand we have a very unusual game, analogues which has virtually none. There is a vintage design, atmosphere, plot, politics, intrigue, and opportunity to show their creative nature. It's awesome and a little where it occurs. In addition, the game is available on PC and iOS, which the scope of its influence. However, all this does not make any sense on some factors. The project is paid, it is not surprising that the price is quite high and amounts to about $ 4. But the problem is not the greatest, but what can not be forgiven - the game is only available in English. So if you want to play it consciously, the English you need to not just know it has to be perfect to know in order to understand what it was about in the papers and be able to edit them ... Unfortunately many do not work.

Bottom line: if the game The Westport Independent will get a translation into other languages ​​is very much increase its audience and, consequently, the number of fans, because the project is very decent. And if it is also giving away free will ...


The Westport Independent



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2016/03/07 11:29
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