Lost Journey
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Game Lost Journey for the most part it is a platformer, which was called a puzzle because in some places it is necessary here to think, although it is still more than platforming. But the main feature of the game completely not the case. She does not like fans of action or high dynamics, it is not suitable for those who love to shoot and solve complex problems, communicating with a lot of NPC. However, it will appeal to those who appreciate original solutions, individual approach to the game, competent design, and other little things that in large projects often bypassed.

The plot of the game is, and it is rather strange. The main character - a girl named Jennifer, who either died or very fast asleep ... but not in this case, the fact that it comes to the conductor, a kind of angel in the form of a butterfly, which invites her to go your way until the end, pick up the pieces of his memoirs, which are scattered on different levels. So we set off on a long journey, which will take place in a strange world, which can be controlled, as opposed to the real.
The main feature of the gameplay is the ability to flip the screen (in the literal sense of the word), that repaint the world in black and white tones, but reflect our vertically on the other side of the surface on which we were sitting. For example, if you are standing in front of a high wall to climb on that does not work, then flipping the screen you will find yourself in front of a large chasm in which you can jump, and so on. In addition, you will learn to control gravity, bend time and in every way otherwise to manage the space for solutions to their problems. Nevertheless, quite a few problems here, at each location to collect a fragment of memories and get to the portal, the other complex tasks will not.


  • According to the publication IndiePlay this game has received a nomination in the first place, it is true in China ...
  • have a story, it is very original and interesting
  • nice animation
  • beautiful location, sensual and interesting
  • original solution by inverting the screen
  • plenty of other options to control reality
  • pleasant and very well-chosen soundtrack

games Disadvantages:

  • translation into Russian is, but he is terrible
  • the game is paid, without trial, the price is really funny, 20 cents or so ...

The result: in general, the game is suitable Lost Journey indie project that actually sell for pennies. So if you close these games, if you like quiet games with a good design and a soundtrack, you will not regret 20 cents, buy this game and enjoy!


Lost Journey

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2.48★ 49.5%

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2016/02/22 09:44
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