Secrets: Eclipse
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Secrets: Eclipse


Game Secrets: Eclipse is Quest with elements of adventure, or vice versa, and if in general, the usual set of missing items that need to find, puzzles to be solved and all this with a little touch of the plot and other accidents. Such quests for these developers is very much, so there is something to compare, so what stands out this?

The first and perhaps the most remarkable thing that you will notice - the game was paid, the price at the current rate is quite high - $ 5, which may not suit some, it is the presence of a huge number of free projects from the same developer. The second that you will notice in this game, if you are willing to give their money - it is very beautiful.

Actions games will take you to a distant country called Thailand, but do not even think to remember the film "Bachelor" and the like, everything is much more serious. Your helpless friend Peter steals the Demon of Darkness, which we'll have to chase in the desert town, finding clues. We have to stop the sacrificial rites and save his friend, incidentally defeating evil and save the world, well, for the company.
The gameplay is standard, we are waiting for a lot of different locations, which are stuffed with items that need to find and pick up, there is a puzzle and other plot inserts, which are quite relevant. But all this is quite standard, but the design here on a 5+, the game is very beautiful. Each location worked out in detail and very interesting, even upon close examination.


  • Unravel the mystery of the demonic plans and stop them
  • many items both useful and not so
  • save his friend and mankind
  • Unlock bonus chapter and continue their journey
  • very beautiful design
  • Easy management
  • No additional purchases

games Disadvantages:

  • the game is paid, there is no trial version is not planned

Outcome: Secrets: Eclipse is a good quest, however, is suitable only for those who are willing to pay for the visual beauty, because it boasts stunning filled game can not, because repeats many other projects of this genre.


Secrets: Eclipse


3.51★ 70.29%

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2016/02/19 12:46
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