LEGO Lord of the Rings
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LEGO Lord of the Rings


LEGO Lord of the Rings game, as you know, is made ​​on the basis of the designer, which today you can buy, of course, on the same subject. Only then we will not have to gather a lot, we have to fight orcs and other dangerous enemies, repeating the journey the characters of the story. If someone is going to have to wait another 2 parts, it is not necessary, the game includes a whole trilogy, so it's nothing new to wait is not necessary. Furthermore, the developers have tried to recreate the scenery from the books as they could using the designer, thereby adding some variety and a lot of new mysteries. It is worth mentioning about the huge number of characters who will accompany you to the basis of the target, and we have to play for everyone fulfilling their role in the plot.

Is it all good?
On the one hand many people like Lego and many like lord of the rings, which can make the game very popular, but on the other hand, to combine these two concepts is difficult, and when the game is played strictly according to the plot of the film, which we have already many times revised, shall We are so interested? Also worth noting is not the best control of the game, which on the one hand simple and clear, on the other hand, in practice, very inconvenient and annoying. A completes syutuatsiyu the fact that the game is exclusively distributed free of charge, without the possibility to play a trial version.


  • My favorite story and loved the designer together now
  • strict compliance with the plot
  • epic battle with the Orcs and other evil spirits
  • many famous bosses
  • many well-known characters (90)
  • large variety of weapons and magic items

Disadvantages of the game:

  • the game is paid, there is no trial version
  • inconvenient administration

Bottom line: the game LEGO The Lord of the Rings necessarily appeal to all fans of the trilogy, in any case, it is they who will appreciate the opportunity to relive an event in Middle-earth, but now on behalf of the characters, even if made ​​of Lego, albeit with not the most user-friendly controls, even for money...


LEGO Lord of the Rings


3.75★ 75.04%

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2016/01/26 11:52
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