Worms 4
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Famous designers from Team 17 Digital Limited decided to continue his studies and released a sequel no less famous series - Worms 4 for android that can definitely be a great joy for the fans, the army which is very high. However, whatever you do not pinned their hopes - this game will not justify them, which is very sad.

For me personally, and Worms and Team 17 have some standard, familiar from childhood. Of course, developers are trying to keep all the things that they love people, especially when it comes to projects like Worms and if you understand in detail, the fourth part of the game it was and left, but I think that's the problem - nothing has changed! Just here and there is a logical question - what is the point in this project? The answer to it is, and it is not pleasant - with you just pull the money, that's the problem.

So, let's see what's wrong here. To start the schedule, which is generally not changed, it is still a 2D, which pleases us many pieces in a row. Moreover, in my view the schedule has become even worse ... but individually. The gameplay has not changed, he will delight us so clumsy animation and all the other chips, have not changed. But negativity here lies in the fact that the project is not only paid, but also given support to the ...

Worms 4 Features for Android:

  • Battle online with the world
  • Battle became shorter
  • reworked menu, which was more convenient (and that before him it was not so?)
  • a large selection of weapons
  • an opportunity to collect upgrades for weapons
  • Five different cards
  • single player campaign with 80 missions
  • new jobs every day
  • World Championships
  • Integration to Facebook

Disadvantages of the game Worms 4 androd:

  • Paid game
  • there Donat
  • Nothing new came

Bottom line: if you like Worms, play the last part, you already know which one is the best. If you want to start their acquaintance with the game - as an option, but again, this is not the best representative of the series.


Worms 4


3.45★ 68.91%

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2016/01/14 10:13
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