The main problem of this project is that it is paid, no demos, no trial, no trial, and so on, then the policy is quite rough - pay and play, or do not pay and do not play. Anyway, this approach we no longer surprise, and two dollars do not seem to have such a huge amount compared to some other projects. By the way, this project belongs to the developers of the Bolder Games, LLC, which is only paid games and do while no exceptions. That's only if we consider the number of downloads that all projects will not exceed a few hundred, then it seems quite possible that this project will be the last, which is a pity, the game turned out pretty good!

As I wrote, this is a kind of variation of the course (or the pool, as you prefer), but we are not waiting for the lawn and clubs, as well as the green velvet and cue. Actions of this game the future will unfold in the corridors of any space station, the size of "ball" greatly increased, moreover, it is now a real droid-transformer, which itself starts in the direction and with the strength that you specify. So play and to be the bullet to bullet here ourselves next to the hole and gently rolls it - the level is passed.

Physics and design of the game turned out great, rides our droid pretty nice start does not slow down and it is possible to calculate where it falls, and the corridors in which all this is worked out, beautiful and interesting that spurs pass another level and see - what will happen next !

Features Star Balls:

  • floor hundreds of levels
  • three game modes
  • many interesting bonuses
  • addictive game for many hours
  • Suck his droid
  • Learn how to avoid any pitfalls levels

Disadvantages of the game Star Balls:

  • the game is paid, no options

Bottom line: a good game and a great project as a whole, if not for a fee, which it spreads, it is likely he would have been much more popular, but until then, the developers will have to rely on a miracle ...


Star Balls


4.3★ 85.92%

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2015/12/29 10:20
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