Mechanic Escape
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Developers from Playdigious prepared for us a new project, the price is not so high - less than 1.5 dollars, but why should we pay for a very ordinary-looking platformer?

The game did not make the runner, as it is fashionable today, we made a regular platformer, breaking it into a large number of levels, each of which is a series of challenging obstacles and various enemies. Like the approach that allows you to pass some levels rather quietly, without much hysteria, and some have to run with great speed, which the envy of any runner. Anyway, each level will be very difficult, so take care of nerves)

The story itself is not in the game, and the world in which we find ourselves will be very strange. He represents a realm of machines, which have long pushed humanity, and then began to fight with each other, eliminating the weakest. These poor creatures have carried the ancient televisions, for one of which we have to play. The main task to run on the level, collecting small TVs, while they need to collect all getting to go to the next location.

Features Mechanic Escape:

  • beautiful cartoon graphics
  • eight dozen levels
  • a very complex gameplay for connoisseurs
  • interesting and quite original world
  • all kinds of jobs
  • The game supports joysticks
  • good soundtrack
  • no domestic purchases, in addition to the purchase of the game

Weaknesses games Mechanic Escape:

  • the game is paid, there is no trial version

Bottom line: the game was high quality and interesting, challenging gameplay will take you for a long time, however, to find a free analogues today is quite simple, so it is hoped that everyone who buys this game will find in it something special just for yourself.


Mechanic Escape


3.88★ 77.67%

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2015/12/20 10:20
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