TruckSimulation 16
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TruckSimulation 16


Work in your free time is becoming more fashionable, so here's another opportunity, and the work will be quite difficult. Not that you have to drive a big truck and unwieldy, so in addition, will have to pass long distances to deliver the goods, in fact, deliver the goods on time is better, but it still may fire;)
Game developers have prepared astragon Entertainment GmbH, for which the usual very small projects. There is a mystical quest and simulation tap two years ago, that explains a lot, because of the reality of the developers fell slightly. I mean that in the name of pathetic TruckSimulation 16 lies an ancient chart that in the 16th year at all does not pull a maximum of 14 minutes, and then ... As part of the all the rest is very simple and familiar. Several types of trucks, and a lot of different jobs roads that need to travel until you get bored.

However, it is worth noting that the damage is not bad graphics developers have worked hard to make the game really was the simulator. So we are waiting for real roads and cities, licensed trucks, good physics and even the view from the cockpit, so if some older graphics will not frighten you, then the game could leave a lot of positive impressions.

Features TruckSimulation 16:

  • Seven trucks are carefully made using the original (from the company MAN)
  • There is one race truck, a copy of which drives a team of Johan Khan
  • eight kinds of goods for transportation
  • roads, which are made according to European originals
  • two dozen cities that will meet you on the road
  • The city has attractions
  • there is a view from the cockpit
  • good physics
  • You can hire other drivers and earn more money

Weaknesses games TruckSimulation 16:

  • the game is only available in the paid version, the price is a little less than three dollars
  • the game is available in multiple languages, among which there is Russian

The result: a great simulator, which is to complete the sensation lacks a modern graphics, which will increase the cost of the game and system requirements can screw up very high, so it is still not clear how best, and how worse.


TruckSimulation 16


3.98★ 79.62%

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2015/11/30 10:03
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