Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition
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Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition


If someone of you have been or become a fan of games of the series Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale is missing you just do not have the right, and here's why. The development of the game Baldur's Gate were engaged guys from BioWare, which at the time enjoyed excellent engines, which are fully determined and appearance and the possibility of their games. But there were, and third-party developers who have lent their BioWare engine and gash it your project!
As usual, if we see the prefix Enhanced Edition, then all the extras that were available for this game are included here, in fact, in this case they do not have to buy separately. However, the game stayed as the rest of the toll project developers, the price - a little less than seven dollars.
So what was so attractive game Icewind Dale, who became one of the many followers of Baldur's Gate? The basic idea is that this game is almost as good as the original, but this is very difficult to achieve! But developers have been almost the same, so they are quite easily and naturally created a great competitor of the original series;)
All you need to know about transferring the game to the android - graphics imprisoned under the resolution of your screen, the interface is converted into a touch screen, making it more comfortable and modern, plus added some new features.
The game's plot invariably pushes us into the world of Faerûn, which is used all the games ever made with a kind of footnote to the Dungeons & Dragons, but now we are waiting for the northern part of it, which means there will be a cold, a lot of snow and strong winds ...
Typing of six characters you become guards of the caravan, however, an interesting coincidence rather quickly move away from this routine activities and retracts into its own story, during which found that over ten major cities in the north of mortal danger, with which you and will fight tirelessly.

Bottom line: the game Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition can not exist without Baldur's Gate, but technically, but in fact we have a separate plot and implementation, which is not inferior to ancestors. So, if you do not want to be picked in the two parts of Baldur's Gate - buy this game, it will not take a lot less fun, and many hours of gameplay.


Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition

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2015/11/25 13:37
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