Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Ed.
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Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Ed.


Review of the first part of the game, quite accurately transferred to the android was on our web site half a year ago, I confess, the second part was released almost immediately after the first, but from my field of vision, it somehow fell. Nevertheless, it is better late than never, so here, we meet the Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Ed. For Android!
Fans of this game enough, so it is worth to say that when the game was born, and it was a distant year 2000, the original name was slightly different, then there were the additions, which are issued separately. However, for your convenience and comfort all that was connected with the second part of the game is included in the Enhanced Edition, so do not worry, everything is in place, do not forget;)
However, a large number of additions to the developers decided to sell inside the game separately, at a price of one to one and a half dollars, and the game itself will cost to anyone interested in a $ 9 ... not small, but also a great game!
Since I started talking about schools, it is worth noting the absence of Russian voice, a voice-over that reads the text speaks only English, but the text itself can be run on Russian. But you must understand that the text will be a lot, so if you are not ready to read a volume comparable to that of a small book, do not even try.

The plot of the second part succinctly still first, but this time our hero is captured by an evil wizard Irenicus, who imprisoned us in a big and dangerous fortress, where, of course, will have to flee. With all that in front of us will not be a simple choice - to become a hero, denying your true self or to give her a place to take the position of the new God Kills!
In addition, the add-ons will be asked to go into the world teturam and find untold riches to fight the sect of heretics, to fight with the enemies in the best style of the game Dungeons & Dragons, to follow the path of destruction and annihilation, go to Zakhru for lost artifacts, and finally to protect the innocent peoples from the school of the Red Wizards, threatening all living things.

Bottom line: the game Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Ed. For android is inseparable from the first part, so if you played in the first all you want - you have no choice;) And if you have not played the first part, it is better to her to start, no options here.


Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Ed.

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2015/11/25 12:08
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