The first, and so far only once a paid project developers from KickBack (Greece) is able to attract the attention of many players. Initially, the game was released for iOS where she could collect a lot of positive reviews, both from players and from the publishing, it overlooked.

Just start with the most entertaining, namely the story of the game on Android Lost Echo. Home may seem even primitive - two characters, a man and his girlfriend decided to meet in a cafe to discuss something important, but ... A bright beam of light, panic, burst ... everything happens suddenly and tap shocking. The man is in the hospital and immediately tries to find out the status of his girlfriend, what doctors are very surprised about it because no one knows or heard ... at all! In fact, data on its existence are obliterated from any source, any document, there is nothing that could confirm its existence, the only one who knew her and remembers is our hero. Hallucinations, aliens or secret government weapons? That is what we will find out during the game! Gameplay is full of dialogues (available in Russian), so that the development of the plot will leave no questions, play and enjoy!

In addition to a great story, and we are waiting for at least a great design that will impress many, especially if you do not forget that this game on Android! Detailed graphics, a huge city, detailed locations, designed the characters and their habits, living world around ... it is at least amazing, you have to see it! (At least the video look;))

Features Lost Echo:

  • designed to the smallest detail schedule
  • Exclusive soundtrack, which is written specifically for the game
  • amazing story full of mystery and unexpected twists with no less shocking finale
  • convenient operation
  • two difficulty levels
  • No additional purchases after buying the game

Disadvantages Games Lost Echo:

  • No trial, product price - $ 3.

The result: a game in terms of plot and presentation was very good and very, very few such projects, and not only on Android. From a technical point of view the project on Android has a number of stocks, with which developers are fighting day and night, but in any case, I recommend to buy this game if you interesting description, the reality is much better!


Lost Echo

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3.81★ 76.12%

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2015/11/15 11:22
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