Game developers have prepared Nyamyam Limited which is at first glance a first draft, but in reality it is a real hotbed of projects, in the best sense of the word. If you go to Google Play and the drive name of the game in the search, the first thing that appears in the issue - Music, for one dollar, you can download the complete soundtrack, and over 15 cents a single song ... only then you will find the game itself, which, unfortunately, it would cost $ 3, which, logically, only twice the price of the soundtrack ... a little strange, but once it becomes clear that the music in this game plays an important role!

So what do we offer this game, in addition to a great soundtrack?
The game is an interactive story, so that its second strongest side - a story that is very competent on the gorgeous design, which is called otherwise than a masterpiece of art is difficult. Moreover, for many owners androids game will be a kind of excursion into the Japanese tradition and culture is imbued with this content and detail of every second of the game.
Our journey is quite long and very interesting, we will visit in the dense forests, old churches, beautiful valleys and other locations, which fully describe the beauty of Japan. However, what is our main goal?
The goal we have a strange ... we will help the cherry trees, which remained without flowers and suffering ... I do not know what we would have done in other situations, may have gone to the city for a new fertilizer or a tree, but the developers have a different opinion, and have come up in this regard a lot of tasks and adventures. As the game will need to collect the flowers (probably at the end will need to find the glue and glue them in place), while avoiding a variety of hazards and similar unpleasant situations, which will form the basis of the gameplay.

Features Tengami:

  • calming unique gameplay
  • the first Android-applied practice of book-cot
  • a stunning soundtrack (by David Wise)
  • each location worked out with love and care space
  • The game is available on a huge range of languages

Weaknesses games Tengami:

  • the game is only available in the paid version, no sampler

The result: a perfect combination of the volume and elaborate world of Japanese culture and a wonderful soundtrack that will allow you to relax and have a lot of fun, but only for three dollars ...




4.12★ 82.33%

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2015/11/12 10:11
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