Cloud Chasers
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Most often, the beauty and art of different quests, rarely something causal, but the strategies I have not seen, up to this point, because the game
Cloud Chasers this is the strategy, and on Android, where full-fledged representatives of the genre is not so much.
The first is what you will immediately run into you a little surprise, because the game is made according to the principles Roguelike, so each new time the levels are generated randomly, which is more than urgent, especially if the action takes place in the desert, who are ready to change almost every day ! Just do not forget about some of the basics of role-playing games, and that's even more interesting, in the case of death of the hero - the game begins anew, and this strategy !!!
In addition, the inevitable death of the hero, so that sooner or later you will still begin anew on an entirely new level of replayability ... on top!

The plot is the game turned out pretty grim - he will tell you about the survival of a father and daughter in the desert, where the most valuable, of course, water, mining, and which will be built much of the gameplay. Water extraction is done by a strange, someone might think that you have to dribble, but then all the way around, you fly in the clouds and collect water there ... well, okay :)
However, in heaven you will not alone, it was full of flying drones evil corporation that also produces water, and very strict monitoring to ensure that no one else in its reserves are not infringed, so that water is not only life-giving moisture, but also an analogue of money It is necessary for all!
In the process of the survival of you will meet with different vendors and visit the unusual settlements where the water can be bought for a lot of useful items, and other goods.
In general, the world of the game Cloud Chasers on the one hand rather primitive (desert yet), on the other hand is constantly changing and it is very big, then you can wander for hours.

The disadvantages of the game have to include the fact that it is paid, without trial, there is no Russian and many other languages, which promises to add if the project receives wide popularity that, in general, a matter of time.

Outcome: where is there art - you ask? In fact, the whole game entirely and is something to stand out among the rest - a great atmosphere, wonderful voice and a lot of other factors in the result, this creates a strong feeling that is difficult to describe in any other way, except the word "masterpiece".


Cloud Chasers


1.75★ 35%

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2015/11/08 11:45
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