Tomb Raider II
4.2 (40)


The well-known and loved by all clever and beautiful name Lara Croft experiencing craving for adventure and ancient ruins for a long time got a second life on Android thanks to the developers of SQUARE ENIX Ltd, are good prey on this game terribly popular in the nineties, is still on First Play Station.

If someone played the second part of the game Tomb Raider, you know - on the part of the plot locations or nothing has changed for those who did not play, here is a brief description of what is happening, or, more simply, especially the game Tomb Raider II:

  • visit various places of Tibet, China, Italy and Venice
  • Use the enemies to destroy the most diverse weapons
  • Unlock the floor hundreds achievements
  • do battle with a variety of opponents
  • ported the game with the addition of the "Golden Mask"
  • ride water scooters and boats

In general, no one doubts that Tomb Raider II is a valid action, one of which is the main character. But ... we can not do without jambs, is not it?
To begin with the second part as the first, turned out to be paid, the price is not high - a little more than a dollar, but still ... but that's nothing!
The main problem of the game lies in the terrible management, which by no means allow you to enjoy the most vaunted action, for which it all so fond of. Lara Croft has to be quick and daring, lightning and the mark, but it will be up in your hands - see for yourself. And all this beauty complements the graphics, which since then has not changed and now looks decidedly poor.

But, but ... you do not believe it, but very few people stops!
The first part of the game that is both part of the gameplay, and the appearance is not much different from the second part, which also has been and remains a fee (costs the same), which has sold close to half a million! For a fee for android, the more of this quality, this is an incredible figure, so judge for yourself ...

Outcome: love nostalgia and Lara Croft? Love the old games are willing to pay for them and are willing to suffer the terrible management and questionable graphics? Go to the link below and enjoy;)


Tomb Raider II


4.18★ 83.53%

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2015/11/06 10:53
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