This topic has repeatedly raised, including in the film, and each time the battle with hackers look stupid and foolish, even if it is consistent with the subject of the film, but ... do not worry, do we need to somehow imagine that? And who will be interesting to sit and watch the sad lines of code ...
Either way, the developers of Laser Dog decided to make the fight against the virus in the dynamic arcade, or in other words, another time-killer, but the time is not the only game that will destroy your life. The second would be affected the nervous system, which can undermine these games once or twice. The reason was the enormous complexity of the game HoPiKo, that stubbornly made ​​it clear it did for ordinary players, or still for the real hackers?

Though the game involves war and viruses work with files and so on, but it is an arcade, and explains what is happening rather arbitrary entire computer motivated. Our hero is some mighty fine bit that must save the remaining files by simply jumping between infected and survivors, but the problem is that almost any place where you can jump to explode a split second after the landing, so sit back and think about just will not work ...
Gameplay quite quickly becomes clear to you, so it makes no sense to describe it, but pay attention to the fact that practically every element of the game (graphics, music, visuals) is aimed at to lead you astray and lead to the loss ... Now that's much more important, and you should be ready for this.

Features HoPiKo:

  • dynamic and hardcore gameplay
  • Music style chip TYuG
  • graphics yes, too Pixel
  • the game will require not only a reaction, but muscle memory
  • unique control
  • a table with the results and records

Weaknesses games HoPiKo:

  • the game is only paid the price - $ 3!
  • the game is very complicated and paying three dollars and then suffered hundreds of failures for the first time will want to wipe your phone yourself and someone else

Bottom line: this game for some connoisseurs of suffering, otherwise these people do not call if you are among them - pay, swing ... if not - I think you should not even try.



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4.03★ 80.5%

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2015/10/30 10:52
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