The Deer God
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For this game, you can thank the developers of the Crescent Moon Games, which can be said to go against the system and present us with something unusual, but everyone knows that such projects future is uncertain. However, in this case, it is so challenged, but not because of the implementation, but rather due to the fact that the project is paid, even without a trial. The price was relatively high and is 5 dollars that can be spent on all sorts of things today ... But back to the game!

Despite the fact that this pixel platformer that can be proudly called a pixel art game pretty quickly makes it clear that its content is much deeper than it may seem. Here are raised questions such as survival (in real life, in real nature), reincarnation, karma, life and death. The protagonist - a deer (animal), which starts its life albeit with little baby, who was forced to survive in the wild, sometimes beautiful, sometimes cruel. In fact, your task is to ensure that a deer was a complete cycle, from birth to death (naturally), but it will be extremely difficult because the terms you will be trapped predators, traps and other nuances which nature overflows. You have to solve puzzles, find sources of power and energy, to get acquainted with other animals, fight or flee, explore an extensive pixel world and, of course, remain, because the die have often, however, in the event of the death of you though and will start from the point of saving but will start again in the role of a little baby ...

Features The Deer God:

  • great peace and beautiful pixel graphics
  • a lot of different animals and other characters
  • alternation of day and night
  • all kinds of quests
  • various items that can be used
  • a unique opportunity to observe the life and the maturing of his hero
  • plenty of secrets and puzzles
  • perfect plot
  • excellent soundtrack by Evan Gipson

The result: a very emotional and touching play, which I would highly recommend to buy everyone who has been looking for something unique and different, something vital, something that reminds us about the real value, and not about faceless rankings of the "persistent "Players in the next statistics.


The Deer God


4.15★ 82.94%

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2015/10/20 10:39
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