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I love these games, they like simple like no other, but in spite of this delay, popular and loved, really loved! About the game and will platformer Infestor, which meets all these requirements!
The developers of this game can do the pixel and not just the game, call them Noodlecake Studios Inc., and their most popular game by which you can know them - Zombie Road Trip, scored the floor hundreds of millions of downloads. With the game Infestor this just does not work, at least because it paid the price, though symbolic - less than a dollar, but also, and pixel games people are not so fond of zombies. But let us not lose heart, but rather look more closely at the game!

Few features of the game Infestor:

  • Sixty levels
  • the unique abilities of the hero
  • challenging puzzles on your way
  • all sorts of achievements

When it comes about the classics, though it is often something unique do not have to dream, but today we were able to please developers, inventing anything that stands out.
But first, a little backstory.
Actions take place in a secret government lab, which is hidden deep underground and is engaged in research ... horrible agree more often implied that it was going to happen and then something terrible, and it happened! She escaped one of the experiments, which now threatens the security of the institution, and we have him in this just help us kill more scientists and choose freedom!
So, to the unique abilities, our hero does not look like Godzilla and other monsters, it's pretty small, ugly and resembles a clot of phlegm so it can get through the pipes or other bottlenecks, but the jump can not everywhere, but just here we will need his main skill - it can move into any human to control his body! So crawl through the levels, avoiding dangers, and if somewhere to go wrong, then look for a man, and inspires things will get better soon;)

Making the game enjoyable, but a pixel, however, and so we all know how these games look like, I like, someone does not like it when the case come to a common denominator is not something that is difficult, most do not need to.

Bottom line: the idea of the game is quite simple, but with a twist, to implement and appearance I have no complaints, there's even a challenging puzzle is, if someone conventional platformers bored, so if you do not mind to pay a dollar or less - I recommend!




4.64★ 92.75%

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2015/09/27 12:25
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