What we know about Rambo? Yes, no matter what we know, the only thing that is really important - it's very cool guy! Moreover, about what he is quite steep removed many films, so that the question does not arise. But the developers of the Creative Distribution Ltd decided to recreate in his first game action of the film, in which Rambo almost bare-handed fighting with unfriendly police remote rural town, arranging local forests real massacre.
The game is declared as "action", so that it is clearly a little bit modernized, adding tanks and helicopters, which will also hunt for our hero. But we have prepared for a pleasant surprise, having collected all the favorite weapons from all parts of the film and giving us the opportunity to use it, so choose - a huge gun "Python", a powerful six-gun, assault rifles and, of course, a cool bow! Plus, we added a variety of locations so that we do not get bored alone in the woods, so meet the Vietnamese jungle and desert Afghan ... well, washed down with a very good, and the implementation?

With the implementation of the game Rambo obviously there were some problems at least because the game decided to make a few advanced runner ... Indeed, a few years ago it was even fashionable and popular, but today this format by many turned away and not just . At the same time, the developers have done a first-person, so that in fact, at all times we will run somewhere, destroying all the cracks to get out of enemies. Dubious pleasure, to be honest, because they make the game a tactical shooter, or at least, the effect would have been much better as well ... only one mention Rambo turn your attention to it, everything else has long pall.

Bottom line: the average level of graphics, gameplay bored, weird mechanics of what is happening, and finally, the worst - paid game! Price a little more than three dollars, but even in this case, but rather that it is not clear for which he paid. Or Rambo so steep that even pull a failed project? Let's see :)




4.19★ 83.8%

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2015/09/25 09:45
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