Full Pipe: Adventure
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Game Full Pipe: The Adventures of it is actually not that new, more Android-new, but this is the game of those who get a second life, which means that it already has a history, and it is at least interesting;)
For the first time the game appeared over 10 years ago, to be exact, in 2003. Its developer is the company PIPE studio, and the publishers became known to this day 1C, which released it for Windows that time. What, then, that today, the game has caused a shock, because of two things - visual design and high complexity. Today, the publishers were fairly well-known company for android Absolutist Games, which did not change the fundamentals of the game, it is still a shock, and still complex, but fortunately, there were clues, using which the game became much more pleasant ...

The strange world of strange characters.
The main shock that caused this game was because of its design, because the characters here look very strange as a minimum and a maximum - scary! Some of them have several limbs, some enormous head, some huge noses and so on, today they would be called mutants, which is not surprising, since they live all in dirty basements and sewers, which you and will explore in the search for the missing slipper chief the hero, who has no possessions. So, explore mazes, solve puzzles, conquer mini-games, and perhaps you will be able to pass this game, in any case, if in 2003 you could not go through it, but now will likely be able to!

Features Full Pipe: Adventure

  • unique and researched psychedelic world
  • floor hundreds of creepy characters who really lovely and kind
  • it is a real adventure for those who love Hardcore
  • This world is full of mysteries and secrets
  • more than six hours of gameplay
  • Nearly four dozen unique locations
  • fun mini-games

Disadvantages of the game Full Pipe: Adventure
About the perception of the game I will not say it is clear that many, she may not like it, but it's a matter of taste. However, there is a moment that just do not like all - the game fee. Its price was $ 4.5, while for additional tips you will be asked for more money.

The result: visually unique, strange and definitely very atmospheric and challenging game that most likely would have found a wide audience of fans, old and new, but the fact that this project was paid (even without a trial free version) appear and leave it in the basement from which he got.


Full Pipe: Adventure


3.62★ 72.33%

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2015/09/23 09:39
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