Pandemic: The Board Game
4.3 (5)
Pandemic: The Board Game


Despite the problems with the virus, the zombies in this game, too, does not mention that, in general, happy, finally we move away from the annoying all fiction. However, the threat level is not reduced, because in addition to the zombies, people may simply die from the terrible epidemics that breed like rabbits all over the world. Here we are to engage in efforts to heal the whole of humanity from the vast number of threats.
Game developers have prepared F2Z Entertainment Inc. (Canada), this game is their first, so do not be surprised that no action would not be here. The whole struggle with the virus takes on a huge planetary map, which marked the major cities - centers of the epidemic that must be addressed.
As compensation for the lack of action in the game is quite interesting and thoughtful story that tells about the four new virus capable of destroying all life on the planet. Needless to say, the powerful is not satisfied, so that was a special team, which should once and for all deal with this problem, of which you and enter.
An important difference between this game from many others who in appearance and content may seem similar, is a huge number of complex rules, which will have to master clock, and to do this it is necessary, because any mistake will cost the lives of a huge number of people. So, gathering information, you can map the spread of the virus, find the antidote, and even cure some areas on the map.

Features Pandemic: The Board Game

  • Seven characters, the team members who have unique skills
  • You can play alone or with friends, up to four people
  • There are three levels of difficulty
  • developers have tried and have created an interactive tutorial, which will help if you mess
  • nice and intuitive interface, the animation is not really, but still beautiful
  • beautiful soundtrack
  • many interesting nuances

And now, some of the shortcomings:
besides the fact that the game is quite unusual, she was paid, the price is close to six dollars, or a free trial version is not present, so that everyone who wants to buy this game will have to rely on first impressions.

Bottom line: the game interesting, complex rules, the picture is beautiful, noble task, the price is high, I do not know what else to say;)


Pandemic: The Board Game


4.3★ 86%

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2015/09/22 10:19
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