Gathering Sky
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Who would have guessed that the basis of the beautiful game, that without a twinge of conscience can be attributed to the level of "very cool" lies the most common runner, I would even say that the most primitive runner, however, turned out awesome! The developers of this game from Brooklyn, and, apparently, there are very appreciate art, as their attraction to him until the last drop implemented in this game. Other games these (A Stranger Gravity) developers do not have, but I really hope that something like this even appear.

The extremes of our planet is very beautiful, one extreme - the ocean, the other - the sky, here in heaven we will find ourselves, not in the format of the next plane, and as the birds that flock to collect and go aimlessly ... very romantic! In general, hard to describe all the emotions that can cause this game, it is better to buy it (yes, unfortunately), or at least watch the video, but I will try!
Gameplay is, as I said, is very simple and resembles a runner, like as part of the beauty of it should not be an important part, however, it complements it very well, because the flight of a bird is the process fascinating and very calm. It is in this vein, and were taken all the other factors, in particular the visual design and music.
The visual design is very beautiful, have to fly in the clouds, through which barely discern the nature on the ground or the city ... schedule at first is very simple, but it is more like a picture of the artist, not just graphics. In addition, the developers did the right thing without becoming load this perfect world coins and bonuses, all you need to collect - other birds in his flock and fly on ...
Music, she immediately took the most important place. No one admits that the game is designed to let you enjoy the perfect melody, which was written specifically for this event. For the music posted Dren McDonald, under whose leadership the Conservatory in San Francisco specifically it down. So the game is not without headphones produce the desired effect, consider this! Also, the game is not recommended for use on small screens, the tablet is best suited, which fully reveal all the beauty of the world in which you will visit.

The main disadvantage of this game, and he's the only one she paid, and there is a free version, most likely, will not. The price was quite reasonable - $ 2.5, that for quite a few of these masterpieces, in my opinion.

The result: an exciting game, it is a fact, it is beautiful, it is also a fact, hard to find analogues, is also a fact, I do not know you need yet, I can say that it definitely helps you to relax, no matter what happens.


Gathering Sky


4.18★ 83.54%

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2015/09/16 10:28
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