Power Ping Pong
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As it turned out, the theme of table tennis on Android is quite popular, I'm a bit of searching on Google Play and found quite a lot of games of this theme, some of them are very popular, in particular - Virtual Table Tennis 3D, as well as Table Tennis 3D, the number of downloads close to 50 million, that is a very good result. But they are united by something that can not be said about the game in our review because they are free, but the game Power Ping Pong proved to be paid, and nothing in this surprising I did not find, as its developers - CHILLINGO, and they are in addition to the ability to make good games are different the ability to appreciate their projects, so this game are valued at $ 4 ... not so cheap it turns out!

However, if other fundamental differences from competitors who are able to somehow justify the cost of the purchase. To begin with we are waiting for is not some boring table with green cloth, the dark walls and regular grid with conventional rackets, everything's cool, anyway designers exactly worked out well. All the surroundings, as well as the characters involved in the game, and everything else rendered the best way, and that can be a little distracting, but still look nice. In addition, the game is closely tied to the arts, in particular - with Kung Fu!
It is possible that it is excellent and will be able to karate masterfully play table tennis, but it so happened that they do their job, but the developers have combined these two disciplines us joy.

Features Power Ping Pong:

  • The classic game with a mixture of Karate
  • play and develop, become professional
  • Learn to shoot the ball, literally!
  • Play against friends or random players from the Internet
  • Twelve species of bats
  • eight different opponents

Bottom line: Of course, the game is hardly sport, it is an arcade game with elements of action, not more than that, however, done it all at the highest level, however, this explains the price. But exactly the same reason, the number of downloads of this game will never grow to respectable amount willing to pay money is still quite small.


Power Ping Pong


4.13★ 82.5%

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2015/09/14 10:50
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