Lego Batman: Beyond Gotham
3.9 (70)

Lego Batman: Beyond Gotham


The developers of the next adventure in the world famous designer made by Warner Bros., which we have already discussed. Projects have very many of them easy to find as "strong" and "weak", but most often it is weak draft is advertising games for the next film, but this game is not confined to any new product being prepared to go to great screens, so the project certainly should please the many fans of the comic book or other adventure because there is a lot of adventure!

Gameplay here can hit most gamers, because in addition to a huge number of characters you will find it a lot of different parties, in particular - research puzzles, dialogue and battles with opponents, in the sum of all this gives a lot of opportunities and terribly addictive.

Features Lego Batman: Beyond Gotham

  • more than a hundred characters, which you need to collect, and it is theoretically possible to do without Donato
  • for all the characters have a lot of cool costumes that are also ready to fill up your collection
  • in addition to a huge number of jobs at the famous Gotham awaits another half a hundred tasks beyond
  • in future updates, the developers promise more characters
  • There are several control options, choose the one that will be more convenient for you

Disadvantages of the game Lego Batman: Beyond Gotham
There were no surprises, all of what the game can upset the fans is quite usual for these developers. What is not surprising - it is paid, and the price is quite high - about $ 5, in addition to this there is Donat and more sadly, many complain that the game often crashes.

The result: high quality and quite interesting game that will definitely be worth the money, especially if developers take the time to fix all sorts of unpleasant problems about which they write users.


Lego Batman: Beyond Gotham


3.9★ 77.93%

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2015/08/27 10:31
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