Warhammer Quest
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Warhammer Quest


Developers who prepared this game call themselves Chilled Mouse, but this is their first game for Android, so that more of them have nothing to say ... and the game is not very popular, and given the genre a million is not exactly be over, but given that it still paid, even for 100 thousand is not exactly be over, that this exclusive project, however, many fans of classics will be delighted!

Why am I talking about the classics? Yes, everything is simple - the game was created on the basis of the other games, the truth table, but of the same name, and, incidentally, is very popular. There was this board game 20 years ago, offering to all wishing to go into the caves of the Warhammer world to be rich and famous. Obviously, the game was very successful, because even 20 years after it someone playing, and now it will be possible to play on your mobile phone or tablet.

The base of the board game puts the features and gameplay that has become step by step, which certainly robs the game of any kind was the dynamics, but it brings the most to the original.
Four characters meet in a dungeon and begin a long and dangerous journey to fame, self-collecting along the way gold and other loot from defeated enemies. Especially worth noting the game cool graphics, detailed and elaborate, which creates a unique atmosphere of the world itself, which used to be you could only imagine in your mind. All four heroes are different, there is also all the classics of the genre - a label archer, strong knight, wise magician and incomprehensible berserk, as usual;)

However, in the game Warhammer Quest is not so smoothly, at least from the monetization.
It is clear that to get the real board game also costs money, but in addition to the box with the game you only need a flat surface, and then there's a device with android. And so, the price of the game is almost $ 5, with all this, the developers have not forgotten about Donato, who was also present ...

Bottom line: the game is good, and really remind you of its desktop brother, it's just created for a narrow audience and have to put up with this, at least - to developers who know what they are going.


Warhammer Quest


4.18★ 83.63%

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2015/08/14 10:45
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