First, it is worth noting that this game was released to us from the developers 11 bit studios, which I respect, at least for an incredible game This War of Mine, a review of which has recently been on our site. However, there are also disadvantages, which many players have long been aware, I would even say that they have only one drawback, which is difficult to even call it that - almost all their games are paid, in general, normal. They make good content and want money for it, but, of course, it severely limits the number of fans, at least on Android. Game SPACECOM also paid a cost of two dollars and a half for all comers.

Tactics in pure form.
When it came to space policy, I immediately thought of beautiful battles in space, different space stations and ships, you know how it usually happens quite a lot of games, but the developers decided otherwise and offered us a tactic in its pure form, with no frills and beautiful in general, a lot of things there.
Everything you see on the screen is a beautiful cosmic canvas on which is superimposed a grid, as well as mugs means the space base or planet, and your fleet will look like a triangle ... I understand about how it should look like if somewhere there is the conquest of space, and you sit in a hundred light-years and taxi process, but personally I would like to be closer to what is happening ... at least a little. So all the space battles boil down to a battle of geometric shapes and dry numbers, but this is where you will be required exact calculation and strict adherence to the tactics, someone is really like.

Features SPACECOM:

  • There are three game modes - Campaign, Multiplayer battles and fast
  • the game is translated into six languages ​​- English, Polish, French, Spanish, German and Russian
  • no chance and luck, but the planning and tactics
  • a great voice, for which recommend headphones
  • virtual design in the style of a real military planning
  • there really have to think

Instead, total:
The fact that the game is paid SPACECOM I wrote that in general it is difficult to call a disadvantage, rather it is not the most pleasant fact. The fact that it looks specifically - too, and the gameplay here is an amateur, so I guess this is an amateur and will pay for it, and even whether you find yourself in this - your business, anyway, for its part, I can assure you that the product is high quality and researched, much like it or not, think for yourself.




3.37★ 67.33%

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2015/08/13 10:37
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