Colossus Command
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Last time strategy genre is going through difficult times, when many of the classics have declined, it just started to forget. Game Colossus Command also will not name the classical strategy, but it is still very far from the casual genre which is now called the "strategy".
Its developers - SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd. It is known to many as they publish a series of games on Android FINAL FANTASY, which even paid a very popular.

The game's plot tells us about the war of the future, when mankind has decided to explore new planets, but usually not without violent clashes, only this time it is necessary not to fight against the alien civilization, but against ordinary criminals who are also able to master the cosmos, as well as violent fanatics opposed settling new planets. But we have a huge military robots that are ready to solve almost any problem.

At first glance, everything is as usual - to build a base in space, and begin to get resources to do research, to assemble a team and go for another sweep of the planet ... that's just the stripping and become the most interesting part of the game where you can try out a huge number of robots and show all his skills in tactics and strategy of combat.

Features Colossus Command:

  • go through the story, or fight in PvP
  • thought-out battle, some will take away from you just 3 minutes and some take the third hour
  • more than two hundred different robots, which can be used at their discretion
  • research that will take five generations and 3 huge branches into which can be fed
  • Unique missions and tasks, no monotony!
  • repair, modernization, and other improvements for each robot
  • collect parts from broken robots and use them for new
  • build and equip its own space station
  • the game is free

Weaknesses games Colossus Command:

  • the picture is not striking, especially today, despite the fact that the graphics are pretty decent
  • solid Donat

The result: a wonderful representative of the genre strategy that not only makes it possible to build infinite, but delays due to excellent battles and a lot of content.


Colossus Command


3.81★ 76.18%

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2015/08/08 10:43
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