Paradise Island 2
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Developers who recently changed its name to Game Insight, guess themselves as they used was called, except to say that their most famous game of natives and many other economic strategies, quests and other things, which is filled with Google Play.
Today, just about the economy and will be discussed in the continuation of the game Paradise Island, where we again get a piece of paradise that you want to make the most attractive for tourists. To everything was just so pretty much have to try counting money and thinking on development strategy. The first part of the game was very popular and the developers decided not to leave it to chance, firing a second, which is even better view, as much as possible by giving us the opportunity to understand that, yes, it is a paradise!

The obvious fact would be the beginning of the game, cash flow which will pour immediately once you build the first hotel in which tourists can have a great time. But this is only the beginning! All sorts of animation and other entertainment attractions for tourists add customer base, and therefore income, and the higher the income, the more you can build! In addition to the game is the number of tourists will be taken into account and how they were satisfied with the trip is on your island. In addition to housing and entertainment need to be concerned about the availability of food and sweets that tourists love! So arrange the tent with ice cream and other shops, they will be able to visit at any time. Further more! Open amusement park, build banks for easy storage and finance spending, and more! Also in the game have the opportunity to listen to the wishes of individual tourists, who can sometimes throw a good and useful idea;)

Pleasant features of the game Paradise Island 2:

  • to the delight of many - the game is now working without the Internet, it's wonderful!
  • graphics have become much better
  • It has several unique features
  • on the economic component of a lot of work and it became more adequate and more interesting
  • improved ability to share their achievements
  • if you're out of the game - life on the island continues
  • the game is still free

Less pleasant features of the game Paradise Island 2:

  • I left in the game Donut, and now it's the energy ... what little pleasant

Bottom line: do not often it happens, but the game itself has really grown over himself, becoming steeper and more interesting and visually appealing, so that sin is not to recommend to all fans of economic policies!


Paradise Island 2


3.6★ 72%

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2015/08/04 09:17
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