It is strange, but the new puzzle out constantly, and as practice shows - the game easier, the more fans it is. Take for example Tetris or 2048 or Two Dots, visually very simple games, won millions of users. In this case, the game is also quite simple, but still some graphics here and there it is slightly similar to the classic 8-bit, but the pixels in it, you almost do not see, all smoothed evenly and accurately, so that the game looks amazing.

At first glance, each level looks very simple: there is your hero, you want to open the door and walk through it to be at the next level and the button you want to hold her dropping the drawer to the door opened. But that's not all, because it would be too easy. In the early stages the whole level can be divided into two parts vertically or horizontally, and then four, and so on, changing this part of the site in the mosaic you can achieve the desired effect, and the only way to finish the level. To complicate the task will trap and various monsters that need to be avoided, but, if you wish, you can cope with every adventure.

Features Shifter !:

  • simple and very nice logical platform
  • funny mechanic
  • only 24 levels, but each of them is saturated with events
  • Very simple operation
  • beautiful graphics
  • Donat and no additional purchases from within the app

Cons Game Shifter !:

  • the game is only available in the full version, and only half a dollar, there is simply no other options
  • levels is small enough, but maybe there will be more

Bottom line: a good and quite beautiful game, then the problem of moderate difficulty and very interesting, so that you can recommend it to many, but what percentage of these many will want to pay for the game? So with such a huge demand policy should not wait ...





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2015/08/01 11:45
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