Formula Cartoon All Stars
3.7 (75)
Formula Cartoon All Stars


Racing on Android a lot, this game is difficult to attribute to the simulator or the usual arcade games, because the game is cartoonish, more for the kids, but with some preconditions for adults. Anyway, this is not the case when the developers can be proud of cool designed model cars that do not differ from the originals, everything is easier, every racing car is unique, but in the real world has no analogs may be only in cartoons ...
In these games the main binding is not a faceless machine with the pilot, here on the contrary, there is a pilot, and the car is only a means. This is a pilot game developers decided to pull out.
Speaking of developers.
Today our beloved android paid attention Cartoon Network, known to many fans of the cartoon, in particular, to take a series of games and cartoon Adventure Time, whose heroes look at least strange, but it is still very popular. Today races developers decided to collect a lot of different characters from all his animations, so look, someone will know someone there;)

Features Formula Cartoon All Stars:

  • favorite heroes behind the wheel of a fast car
  • the ability to create a unique car
  • a lot of different and interesting tournaments
  • more than 75 different race tracks on the famous locations
  • a very simple and intuitive
  • World Ranking players

Weaknesses games Formula Cartoon All Stars:
Like many other major publishers there is a problem - the product is paid and no options. Its price is close to three dollars, which in my view is quite a lot for this game has to consider it as a race, but it is acceptable if we consider it as a product for the fans.

Bottom line: as such originality in this game, not even all the familiar characters, and the format of the race has long been studied, and will take place inside and out. Yet, the characters do their thing and we can confidently say that the game has a lot of fun and be sure to lift your mood.


Formula Cartoon All Stars


3.72★ 74.3%

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2015/07/30 11:34
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