Needless Gameloft made strategy, but for some reason in a trend that has been created game Clash of Clans, they did not try to get there, but finally decided to do it, let's see what they are ready to surprise us this time!

Unfortunately, part of the gameplay, they could not offer us anything new, but whether all players who play for days at a favorite genre? It is possible that there is sometimes just like to see a slightly different schedule, units and battles. Just everything is there, but start with a brief description of what is happening.

Actions in the game take place in the next Siegefall fantasy world where a lot of brave warriors, magic, dragons and, of course, there is the throne of all that fighting. The main idea of ​​the game is the ability to destroy other people's fortresses that, in general, too, is not news. But, in spite of the military component you will also be given the opportunity to develop in other directions that are parallel with the brute force of your army. So there are three main components - the kingdom of your own that you want to develop your army and your hero. By the way about the characters, as shown here, they are the most powerful and capable of destroying crowds of enemies alone. But they also look really cool, they are at least several times more than any other unit, and sometimes above the castle walls ... well it is epic!

What good can be found in the game Siegefall?

  • definitely cool graphics
  • nimble battle with a bunch of effects
  • You can build a lot of things, a lot of who can be hired for war
  • during the battle, you can command your army
  • very good soundtrack

What I did not like the game Siegefall.
Although the entire outer coolness, the game can not offer us anything new, in fact, is a clone of you know what. But this is not a problem. There is another problem, and they are familiar to anyone who played the products from Gameloft. Since the game online, it requires a constant internet connection, which is very, very demanding on the quality of communication, so that when you throw any jamb. In addition, there are many Donat, as in any such. The advantage would be a large number of bugs to fix which have not yet.

The result: fresh, but pretty boring for fans of the genre, but beautiful with their problems, from what I can make only one conclusion - it's time to leave this kind of movie or do something completely new, though, millions of players can not agree with my opinion.




4.29★ 85.73%

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2015/07/08 11:20
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