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Original mystical puzzle with futuristic design appear more often, remember, for example, a masterpiece Back to Bed, which is twice the price of the game, but it downloaded almost 50 thousand people, which is not too small for a paid game. But this is not a record, there is a game Monument Valley, which is one and a half times more expensive, and the number of downloads exceeded 500,000, and is committed to a million ... Monument Valley with our game can not be compared, but the style of the very similar, but the gameplay is something He recalled any puzzle about closed doors, just the other day you can see an overview of this.

Anyway, the plot:
As already mentioned, the main character - the little girl who somehow got into the strange world which is inhabited by the soul of the dead ... is not the best place for children to be honest. The ghosts also wonder guests such they do not need, but she is their chance to go to Sham world where everything is better than it, and there is a symbiosis of girls and ghosts, all together want to get out of this dark place.

This dark world is a set of labyrinths, at first very simple, then complex. Getting around is also very simple, just click on the desired square and the girl will go exactly there, but the main catch here in the doors that connect the levels. To open the door will have to solve a variety of puzzles, in which ghosts will help you. So basically you have to manage two characters - a girl and a ghost who is able to see all that is inaccessible to the human eye. With tips here only trouble ... they simply do not.

Features Outside World:

  • very intuitive and the gameplay is not very complex tasks
  • original design levels
  • nice music and sounds
  • mystical story
  • no advertising and Donat

Weaknesses games Outside World:

  • the background is clearly regretted resources, it could be interesting
  • Paid game, is slightly less than a dollar

Bottom line: the game would be much more popular, make it free, or at least a trial version, but until that happens, ensure success is difficult, although it is not the genre in last place.


Outside World


4.33★ 86.59%

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2015/06/15 11:34
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