Hitman: Sniper
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For the development of this game meet SQUARE ENIX Ltd, which is already familiar to us from such games as the Hitman Go, Tomb Raider I, Deus Ex: The Fall and others, so that we can see clearly that they promote android fairly well-known franchise, which was previously available Only found on PCs and consoles.

As part of the implementation of them have no complaints, do they know how to play, they do not suffer strange bugs and flaws, but somewhat confusing their policy, about which later.
The game offers us again get into the skin of the famous assassin Hitman and take on the most complex jobs. The name does not lie, all the jobs will be worn sniper character, so that all the enemies you'll see in the sight of a sniper rifle at a distance from them. In my eyes immediately caught gorgeous graphics, thought the world, interesting job, a good selection of weapons and plenty of options to earn more points for the mission - to take into account the number of shots, head shots, the number of dead and the time for which you have passed it. In fact, it is a delight for all fans of the sniper theme.

Features Hitman: Sniper

  • bunch of realism in the world famous Hitman
  • more than a hundred missions
  • destroy the most famous bandits
  • Each new contract slightly opens a veil of secrecy
  • leader boards on the Internet and the opportunity to compete with your friends
  • plenty of options for the development of their skills
  • more than ten different rifles

Disadvantages of the game Hitman: Sniper, which are difficult to overlook.
In fact there is only one drawback - the policy of monetization. To start a game is paid, its price is six dollars, not too small in comparison with the majority of games on Android, but what is most frustrating - there is a Donut! Third rifles worth ten dollars for their improvement, too, need to pay in total money, money, money :(

Bottom line: definitely quality, sophisticated and beautiful game, for which the developers want the money, and a lot, and not where it should be, however, many people will not stop;)


Hitman: Sniper


4.2★ 84.01%

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2015/06/08 11:49
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