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I can not call myself a fan of classic role-playing games, but I at least respect and fully understand how they are interesting. I understand how interesting and multifaceted world in which your character is and how much fun can go through its development. But for some reason, the classic role-playing games are pushed to the third plan, they displace more simple and beautiful games that do not require anything from you, really nothing but good Donat on Sundays. But the developers, among them a lot of fans of any classic fight for survival favorite genres and publishes games that are about us gladly remind, this is the game and become a Desktop Dungeons, which we have prepared for the developers (or developer) Finji.
Perhaps the most interesting feature of this game is more advanced gameplay, which involves not only the usual walk through the dungeons, but also the construction of the city, the glory of which you are fighting for the development which is gaining resources.

In the story of the game, without which no cost, no one decent RPG, scary monsters attacked the defenseless traders, many killed, and those who managed to survive founded a new kingdom in which we are going to develop. For obvious reasons, the local dungeon is very rich in gold and other interesting things, which you can send to anyone wishing to pre-shells it at its discretion. In general, this is the only way to make these parts, trying to take away the wealth that once belonged to your colleagues. Anyway, this game boasts good numbers, for example there is about twenty classes of characters, which you can get to the construction of the city.

What else awaits us in the game Desktop Dungeons:

  • Each dungeon is unique, randomly generated
  • nearly two dozen different characters
  • seven different tactics
  • the ability to pump his kingdom
  • tons of puzzles, quests and puzzles that are willing to give you hundreds of hours geypleya
  • You can play with your friends
  • Good optimization of games for smartphones
  • great soundtrack

And now about how you can spoil any game.
Unfortunately, the need to talk about sad because the game Desktop Dungeons was far from ideal, what exactly - now explain. At first glance, there is everything from the horrible dungeons and ending funny story and the possibility of building the city, finding more and more classes in its depths. But the first thing that upset you - the price of the game (the fact that she just paid, more or less clear), which amounts to $ 10 !!! Most new CS incentive worth $ 10, and then role-playing game for android ... In this case, the graphics in the game was a drip, and reminds the first part of the Ultima, which is, you know, just could not show off in those early years. In addition to the graphics and the interface leads that sometimes ready to drive you crazy.

Bottom line: if you're a fan of creepy and immersed in these games for years - do not miss your chance to do it again, but if you are a regular surfer, I do not recommend to spend as much money and time.


Desktop Dungeons

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4.14★ 82.75%

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2015/06/04 10:16
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