Gravity Blocks X
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Gravity Blocks X


Genre puzzles, puzzles and more precisely, that the developers of the Sirnic dubbed his creation not the most popular, as you have to think, not only the player, but the developer who comes up with these puzzles and. It is much easier to create an arcade or a runner, but there are still those who believe in this genre, and because of this there are such games. Even harder to make the game not only difficult, but fun at the same time visually interesting. Anyway, these projects slip, the game Gravity Blocks X is just one of those!

The idea of ​​the game is quite simple, you need to conventional swipe to move the unit with the eyes and whiskers so as to be in the right place, for example in the field, which shows a circle with a green liquid, let it tea. But, of course, to make the game interesting and challenging, you will have to solve all kinds of problems. The main challenges will be other blocks that developers have made several species, there are those that can be moved, those who can not be moved will be teleporters fall, explosives and more. The player will have to explore every kind of blocks, how they behave, and consider this a game, because it is easier to lose a simple example to face explosives;)

Making the game deserves special attention because it is not just pleasant, it just smells like quality. Every detail thought out and traced like you. Even the background of the game turned out beautiful and memorable. This is a real breakthrough, especially if you look at the other puzzles, where, at best, we are waiting for the budget minimalism.

Features Gravity Blocks X:

  • great graphics, and beautiful effects
  • beautiful game mechanics
  • Six modes of play that will provide great diversity
  • More than 180 levels
  • a lot of different blocks with their own features
  • funny characters that can remind someone
  • many other bonuses and cool

Disadvantages Games Gravity Blocks X:

  • the game is only paid, the truth is less than 50 cents, but still

The result: a wonderful game that will appeal to all who value interesting assignments and beautiful design would be even a free version - the price it would not be!


Gravity Blocks X

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4.71★ 94.25%

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2015/05/09 11:24
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