Deadly Dungeons RPG
2.9 (8)


The plot of this role-playing game is very familiar to us all, the plot of which is virtually unchanged over the years, the story in which there are heroes and evil that lives in the deep dungeons, and wherever you have to go to eradicate it. Subject trite, but classic, so it is suitable for such a game, because visually it is not too far removed from the '90s, the picture here is quite old-fashioned, but still 3D, although to be honest somehow hit anyone she It will not work. But in addition to frightening graphics (and indeed it is) the game is pretty terrible atmosphere, which is difficult to achieve, but developers could code_zombie true opportunity to meet with them before we did not have, but with the start of something, they are about to begin with frightening RPG in the classic style, very nice!

The game still stands out among a large number of representatives of the genre, for a start there will be no usual classes of characters, which is pretty cool. Your character actually does not know and does not know anything at all when gets into your hands, but the further you do distribute experience points to make it the one you want for yourself. In total there are 4 main characteristics that can be pumped - strength, agility, stamina and mana. Who got pumping through a certain set of - you know, but it turns out a large number of options. Just under your style of play and the character should be selected and weapons, which there are many, especially in the dungeon, get in who have not received without a fight, to win would have to rats. Fortunately, much of the game, we are already familiar from other games of the genre, so it is fairly easy to navigate, but the problem is not in it, there's not enough convenient management problems in a completely different ...

Today I'll start with the disadvantages, first and foremost of which would be the difficulty of the game. To say that it is quite difficult even soft, sophisticated simulators and playing this you might think that it is so general it is impossible! For example at the first level, you will kill any enemy for 2-3 seconds, how do you mean? In addition to the complexity of the game there is one problem - she just paid, is really little more than 50 cents, but still. Although to be honest, if you like challenging role-playing games in the classic version, it is worth the money.

Instead, total:
In the game Deadly Dungeons RPG you will find many interesting things, such as the hugest cave which is very difficult to survive, and the outcome has no logical end. Levels, items and monsters are randomly generated, so that there will always be something new. You will be a lot of dialogue, notes and books that can be read, which are relevant to the plot. This game will take unawares all fans of the genre, so do not turn away from it because of the ridiculous amount that developers want to get in return.


Deadly Dungeons RPG


2.91★ 58.25%

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2015/05/07 10:03
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