Unfortunately, the book "Firm" game has nothing to do, then the full name reveals the essence of what is happening, because it is a story about the little man who had come to wipe his pants, working in a large firm. Funny situation, coming home from work or on the way home from work to home or at work in his spare time, people will play in another job, just think;)

The work is waiting for us also not the most interesting, although not for everybody. You have to become a trader in the stock market, buying and selling, buying and selling ... The most classic example of how to make money out of thin air, one way or another, many of those involved, it is time for you to practice. But the road to a good position to be a long and bumpy, I am sure, is familiar to many. First you have to work with papers, and this is nothing more boring and impossible to think! In general, the first with what you will encounter - a huge stack of papers that need to be dismantled.
Since this is a game, then there is enough work simplified, which will have to disassemble the paper fall into two categories - one on the charts and figures show an increase in the company's profits, another type of securities shows the reverse situation. Further, the logic is very simple, if the income of an individual company went down, its stock should sell, but if rushed into the sky, it is best to buy and wait for further growth. In addition to the two types of securities based on which you can make trades and all sorts of documents are who just need a sign.
Control of the game is very simple, all you have to do - spread in three stacks of paper, starting from their destination. Boredom could hang himself, but the rate of arrival of new documents is striking, so bored you just do not have! Because of the rush as you start to make mistakes, which can lead you to the loss. But if you pay attention, the profits will increase, with the money you can buy power-ups and other gadgets to raise profits.
Framed the game is quite simple - pixel graphics in the style of 8-bit, which generally leaves a good impression.
Lack game The Firm perhaps only one, and it lies in the fact that the game is paid, it is worth a little more than a dollar.

Bottom line: if you want to find a second job? No problem! It's cheaper than a ticket for the bus to get to the interview. So if you do not mind squandering a dollar and a huge stack of papers - go for it!


The Firm


3.68★ 73.58%

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2015/04/25 10:05
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