Service and repair
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One of the variants of games for android - games for children, who are actively gaining popularity. Developers love to parasitize on this subject, but not in this case, because the game was originally paid, but in addition to money for the game itself, you do not pay anything, it does not contain Donati, advertising and other means to pull out of your money by manipulating the child. In addition, the game is quite long, so it will take a child for a long time!

This game is likely to be interested in boys, as its main theme - cars, because your child will open his own auto repair and to repair affected vehicles. Economic background in the game there, she's children, so that the baby gets all ready, all that remains - to open the door and invite the customer first.
Any repairs will start with communication, the client has to tell about the problems that he was concerned, it will allow early to guess the possible damage and propose options for solving it. In addition to complaints about the technical condition of the clients may want to change your car, so do not be afraid to create something new, too, will be fun.
Most of the problems to be addressed, rather unique, so every time the child will have to think a little and choose from the available options, getting used to what details in what situations need starting to understand the simplest components of the car.

Needless to say, since the game for children, it is decorated simply, without unnecessary details that might detract from the process, but, despite this, the formulation of delights, it is bright and pleasant, the children accurately estimate!

Car Features:

  • nice game for kids
  • help different clients, each of which has its own problem
  • Car in addition you will have a gas station and charging station for electric vehicles
  • may require that everything from oil changes and engine repair ending
  • repaint cars and perform simple tuning
  • Collect your own garage, which can include with the money
  • take part in the mini-races
  • simple and intuitive interface

Disadvantages games service:

  • there is only one drawback - the game is paid, this will have to come to terms

Bottom line: if your child loves cars and is interested in their repair - the game will be a good gift for him who takes it for a long time without the risk of unnecessary wastage on the accounts of the mobile device.


Service and repair


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2015/04/23 11:09
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