Space Marshals
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Space Marshals


The developers of this game may be familiar to many owners of Android on a wonderful game - Reckless Racing 3, which as our project was only paid, though good. But with Google Play download it no more than 50 thousand people, which is quite small, and probably millions have found some hack that it would be logical for such projects by the target audience does not pass. Anyway, so low demand developers did not stop and they released a new paid game - Space Marshals, and this time it's not any there the race, it is a tactical shooter!

The plot of the game turned out pretty interesting - the action takes place in the distant future, where the most dangerous criminals began to put in a special prison space, which is a huge spaceship. But what a prison inmate without which "could" and ran away from her? Only in this case he did not just run away and stole the entire ship (the whole prison turns out), sending it to a distant planet. But fortunately remained on board an experienced marshal (our hero), which have to deal with an event, firing fugitives ...

Pros and features of the game Space Marshals:

  • real tactics that should be used
  • a lot of different weapons
  • great story
  • cool graphics in HD
  • awards after each mission
  • various fractions
  • Easy management with the ability to plug in a joystick
  • leader boards and achievements of all kinds

Disadvantages game Space Marshals:

  • the game is not enough for that fee, but also divided into 3 chapters, if I understand correctly the first two sold for $ 5, and the third has not even on sale there ...
  • for that kind of money could do multiplayer, it was very interesting

Bottom line: the whole a very acceptable project for developers who rightly want to get money, and once, on a prepaid basis. The only thing that confuses - price uncertainty and generally temporary absence of the third chapter, but I'm sure she will soon appear, and there is already possible to determine the game is worth the money or not.


Space Marshals

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4.02★ 80.48%

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2015/04/20 10:30
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