The human body, even in our century remains a mystery, is not fully understood all of the processes occurring in it, there is no cure for many diseases, there is no 100% guarantees a huge number of cases, and in general, miracles continue to occur from year to year. Anyway, developers are increasingly, albeit virtually, even invented, but try to lift the curtain, running us into the depths of man, I mean that there are many projects and almost every interesting, original and deserves attention, as well as game KromacelliK, which , breaking the pattern of the genre, made ​​in the style of 8-bit.

Game developers were BulkyPix, which has more than once shone on our site with games such as Dark Lands, Dead Effect, HELI HELL and others, I can not say that they have found the perfect recognition, but I can say for sure that this project is both visually and by other parameters slightly different, for example - he just paid, the price was democratic and is one dollar.

Small cage, a huge world.
Under your control will be transferred to only one cell structure, using which you ordered to fight the destructive viruses! But if you issued cell could fight them the game itself would become a shooter, and since it is more logical, your cell can not shoot, can only tow the other cells are and will do all the dirty work. Most importantly - do not crash into malicious cells themselves, it will destroy you and the game is over. Another complication - the cells to "repair" the body will have to use only matching colors, and if there are none, then the use of special mechanisms that cells have become the color you need. Needless game mechanics also seem very familiar to you not because swimming in the body it does not fly in the clouds, so that the feeling you do not get rid of viscosity, but do not worry, it should be.

I can not say that to him have any special claim, 8-bit, 8-bit it and nothing can be done about it, but clearly we can say that the design of the game is inappropriate. As I write this, a lot of games of similar orientation and they all gave us the space and practically interesting picture "inner world" of a particular organism, and to present all as just such squares becomes much harder on futuristic landscapes speech itself is not conducted, so that an amateur.

Outcome: KromacelliK is interesting, logical, but not paid, and having the most appropriate design of the game. It will find its fans, but unlikely to be able to boast great popularity.



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4.75★ 95%

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2015/03/27 11:23
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