Maritime Kingdom
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The developers of the company GIGL we have long been known as a minimum project "natives" and others who propose to build their own empire in different conditions and with different approaches. Projects quality and quite popular, so that this, by virtue of its freshness and consistent quality will also be popular and a sequence quite correct.

Paradise Islands and trade.
Trade developed as a fact for a long time and has always been of interest to many, but to play in such simulators was boring, but those days are behind us, and now in addition to the economic component in games there and battle and very beautiful picture, as is the case with the Maritime Kingdom. The feeling that you are in paradise! Sun, palm trees, frigates ... perhaps this is the best package for economic strategy. By the way the developers insist on the fact that this is a simulator, so be it.

Under your control is transferred to the area, several previously ravaged by pirates, the main goal - to create from this ruin something beautiful and prosperous, so hello infrastructure, trade and construction. So cases you will have a lot of thanks to the adequacy of the developers do not pull hard all at once, but gradually will open, allowing you to get involved and understand what is happening. So, build, think, develop, explore, fight, trade!

Features Maritime Kingdom:

  • great graphics, the world seems almost alive
  • Three hundred and fifty of various buildings that you meet
  • about four dozen buildings to build your city
  • explore the planet, build a fleet and study new routes for trade
  • engaged in diplomacy and build the best deals
  • three dozen different resources that can be traded
  • there will always be enemies - the pirates, local and other detractors
  • many different achievements that just do not get
  • linear plot, every step you take will affect the outcome
  • You can download the game for free

Disadvantages game Maritime Kingdom:

  • with advertising
  • Donati also not without cost

Result: very beautiful and interesting game, thoughtful story, sound economy, in general a great project, but as often happens with a similar - a system of monetization of its impact on you explicitly, but nothing about it, besides, even this approach could not spoil the overall impression of the game.


Maritime Kingdom


3.19★ 63.74%

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2015/03/27 10:17
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