X-Men: Days of Future Past
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X-Men: Days of Future Past


Games on comics is becoming more and more, something about super heroes, something about the other characters, but today you will find a rich set of characters with unique abilities - X-meny! From such a game I've been waiting a certain 3D action with cool graphics, well, like a similar, but the developers of Glitchsoft Games (which is the first game on android) decided otherwise and made platformer that is somewhat reminiscent of the good old game on a dandy ... Come on Szego :)

Fortunately, the game's plot did not alter greatly, so that events unfold it for the movie, so it does not have to fight for justice, and for the survival of the species! But the plot is still conjured, so do not be surprised when you meet more characters and more enemies that are not reflected in the film. In general, this is not critical, because it is difficult to spoil the plot or the lack platformer. Gameplay fortunately or unfortunately also not much different from any other platformer - Run, jump, fight, and that's all ...
The game itself is divided into levels and each level will ask you to play as a new character. The first will be everyone's favorite Logan, aka Wolverine, and only then will the secondary characters with other abilities. Missions and tasks will match your skills, so that cruel injustice vryatli you stumble.
In this case, the levels are filled with great music and passes quickly enough control most familiar with it too will have no problems, but the problems are elsewhere.

How to ruin a classic platformer?
The first problem that will confront any willed to play the game X-Men: Days of Future Past purely financial nature, because the game is paid and costs almost 4 bucks. Pretty decent for a platform - so I'll tell you! But even if you buy the game, then the problem will not end. Sledushchee test - a strange and, in general, frankly curve mechanics, because of which the fight uncomfortable and very difficult to get used to the behavior of the characters, the problem is that the developers have forgotten about the setting force of gravity on the planet, and clearly underestimated him. And in the appendage may be noted that many complain about bad optimization for some devices and frequent crashes. And that is sad.

Bottom line: the game X-Men: Days of Future Past gorgeous platformer would be it free of charge and with normal mechanics, but with the current policy, I can not recommend it for purchase, if you really really want to - wait for the update, something can and will correct.


X-Men: Days of Future Past


3.99★ 79.82%

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2015/03/25 17:58
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