Space Bounties Inc.
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Space Bounties Inc.


According to the tradition of the genre "8-bit" game is not vested in any plot, only bother to inform you that under your leadership arrives group of bandits, whose task will be to surf the galaxy and hunt even more dangerous monsters in general - bounty hunters. In addition, the game is designed so that the story can not be here, because the job will come constantly and only goal you are pursuing doing them - earning assets for the existence and pumping his team. You can play even indefinitely, until you get into the debt trap or die members of the team, so come to some logical conclusion one way or another will not work. In return, the dead can always hire new, but in the absence of Finance will not succeed, so that part of the budget - long stretch!

The team can hire a maximum of four people, the choice of mercenaries is quite large and each has its own unique set of skills. Features characters familiar to us - strength, intelligence, dexterity and speed, in addition, may be different weapon that uses a mercenary. Protective suits and weapons can be pumped for the money, but the four main characters of the parameter only in combat. Anyway, this set gives you plenty of options for tactics and strategy of combat.

Features Space Bounties Inc .:

  • Each level is unique - procedurally generated
  • More than 130 different mercenaries
  • the planet and the environment at levels also generated to chance and will be unique
  • there is an economic component - buy and sell seized
  • among other things, the missions can get extra money, minerals and relics
  • Suck his characters
  • thought out and interesting combat system, while it step by step
  • three levels of difficulty
  • can be saved at any time (which by the way is very useful)
  • The game has a tutorial to fully figure it out
  • no Donati, advertising and internal purchases

Disadvantages game Space Bounties Inc.:
  • graphics on the fan (all the same now retro!)
  • game exclusively paid (a little more than two dollars) and without trial

Bottom line: definitely worthy of attention RPG which madly love all who are willing to pay for it and loves the classic eight-bit games.


Space Bounties Inc.


4.32★ 86.42%

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2015/03/22 11:40
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