Canyon Capers
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The simple fact that the classic platformer but still retro nothing new should be expected, but no one bothers to expect an enjoyable and exciting gameplay, as well as the usual chips defining the older games. In general, the game Canyon Capers have it all, so that their task it copes.

The original of this game was published about 13 years ago, but thanks to the efforts of developers of the game KISS Limited had a second chance to win your heart. Strong changes in the game is not transferred, so that the story as before no, all that we know - is an artifact that is able to give the owner of virtually unlimited power and of itself, our hero wants to get him. More is not reported, and is it necessary?

As expected, the game is divided into levels, the goal is quite simple - to do the job (usually collect something in a certain amount), after which the portal will lead to the next level. Apart from the fact that the levels represent a certain similarity kabirintov, so still and the environment here is clearly not friendly - snakes, traps and other challenges await at every corner. It traps have to get used to the animals can naprygivat top as Mario, though they then appear again, but when you consider that roam the same level sometimes be long, do not relax if someone won a delay and need to re-fight. What helps - life sometimes scattered on the level, but there is limited time frame, it's a plan of developers should greatly speed up the process, but in reality just complicates it. Anyway, like any retro game, this is quite complicated, so it will be something to sweat.

Graphics, and Forum Actions drop negativity.
Making the whole game itself a little ennobled, but keeping the traditions of the past, so get familiar 8-bit for android, looks nice, is not seen shoals. With control everything turned out fine, ordinary more than comfortable and somewhat resembles the ancient joystick consoles, plus you can connect any compatible controller, the game will take them perfectly. Lack of in-game Canyon Capers only one - it is paid, will cost about one dollar, further Donat and surcharges are not available.

Bottom line: a fine example of the revival of the old game, fans - safely pounce, you will not regret!


Canyon Capers


3.85★ 77%

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2015/03/20 09:40
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