LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes
4.2 (332)
LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes


In the Marvel comics full of different characters who sympathize with the millions of children and adults, it is obvious that Lego could not miss it and have created many designers on a given subject. What has become customary - for designers and followed the game, filled with not only the characters, Circuits and action that will unfold in the world
Marvel. Initially, the game appeared on consoles and PC, but eventually was adapted for mobile devices, story and gameplay fortunately not injured, and completely changed the schedule was revised control that comes as no surprise.

Each level of the game is a great battlefield on which to fight with everyone he met and closer to the end to defeat the boss. In addition to the battles you will be offered the job to carry out the plot and progress which will allow to open new mission. Each level involves two superheroes that you choose for yourself, if you choose not forget that everyone has their own unique abilities, well known to all of the comics and movies. In addition to new levels you'll unlock new characters and so close to the middle of the game will be able to assemble a team already thoroughly, trying to pass the levels different compositions.

Features LEGO ® Marvel Super Heroes:

  • more than nine dozen characters ... solid!
  • 45 levels with the boss on each
  • super amazing ability to not forget about
  • mass of fighting techniques and tricks
  • There are special tests for those wishing to get bonuses
  • several control options

So what can you want more?
The game turned out fascinating and quality, acceptable graphics and easy control, varied gameplay and a large selection of heroes ... that's just one problem would concern many - the game fee. Inflated price to a level of $ 5 that well and that does not negate Donata here too there ... Moreover, to download a trial version to check compatibility with your device will not work.

Bottom line: nice, original, interesting but paid game that would appeal to many fans as the comics and designer ... can only hope for the emergence of discount or free version.


LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes


4.16★ 83.14%

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2015/03/19 12:04
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