Oscura: Second Shadow
4.1 (76)
Oscura: Second Shadow


What is Oscura: Second Shadow?
To begin with a continuation of the same game Oscura, the developer changed the truth, but it is not so important. Secondly it's still stylish platformer with an interesting plot and enough original implementation. Finally, it's just another round of contemporary art if you will :)

As in the first part will discuss about the darkness and Kashmar that followed, so this gothic game is still designed for people who are not afraid neither the one nor the other, because then you will not only contemplate it all, but also to combat this wading through a lot of obstacles and dangers to find at least a ray of light.
The game's plot.
When the world was a little different due to the lighthouse that illuminated the darkness and served as a symbol of hope for all residents, of course not without artifact stored in there and served as a source of energy, but it was stolen and our hero embarks on a journey to return the artifact and cut the darkness light!
An important point of the game is a unique depressive atmosphere that will leave an indelible impression on each player indifferent. And the target audience is deliberately reduced due to the fact that the game is paid. The first part was also paid, but now sold at a discount for only 50 cents, and the second part is worth one dollar, that is not a lot in this case.
History is divided into levels which just need to reach out collecting the necessary elements, interacting with objects and mechanisms, solving small puzzles and trying to keep a positive attitude in gnyatuschey atmosphere.

So in the end we get a half dollar?

  • classic platformer
  • unique and gloomy atmosphere
  • pleasant and stylish graphics drawn by hand
  • interesting and rich gameplay based on the original story
  • two dozen levels where it is necessary to think and not to shoot

Bottom line: I think if you love platformers atmospheric with the plot and style, then this game will be exclusive for you and do not even think to feel sorry for one dollar!


Oscura: Second Shadow


4.1★ 82%

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2015/02/28 10:22
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