Almightree: The Last Dreamer
4.4 (56)
Almightree: The Last Dreamer


Today, we are one of those games that leave a lasting impression on the process and anything else going on in them, due to what? In this case, the original storyline and implementation, to face that turns out not so often.

The game's plot is based on a small problem - a world in which your character falls, in the literal sense of the word! This strange world consists of hovering in the air blocks, which are interconnected through the magic tree, but for some reason, this system broke down and began to crumble, respectively, your task - to understand the situation and save the world from destruction. Implemented in the form of a game of three-dimensional puzzle, first tasks will be simple - just wade from block to block, but as you progress through all will become more complex, it is necessary to rearrange the blocks and have to do it faster and faster, because if you procrastinate - blocks will fall under your feet! At each level, the same goal - as quickly as possible to get to the tree, and conjure him strength, but so will stop the collapse.

The game turned out pretty nice and especially the unusual, you will agree - the world floating in the air, it's very interesting! Dynamics and animation also do not let us down, no brakes or problems with optimization is not met. But a little upset - roughness texture, and it is still in 2D is excusable, but then it immediately catches the eye ... and this is all despite the fact that the game paid! It will cost to everyone in the two dollars, the amount is not that huge, but for the money you always want to get something more pleasing to the eye.

Features Almightree: The Last Dreamer

  • original idea and unusual world
  • 20 stages and more than 100 levels
  • complexity will increase gradually
  • More than 40 special missions
  • dozens of interesting illustrations
  • The game is replete inserts videos that tell the story completely of this world and the hero
  • Statistics achievements
  • it is possible to be stored in Google's cloud

Disadvantages games Almightree: The Last Dreamer

  • game paid the price - $ 2
  • rough texture that make up this vast world

Bottom line: if you close your eyes to the coarse design, the game was very decent and very interesting, so if you do not mind two dollars for a cool puzzle - do not hesitate, buy!


Almightree: The Last Dreamer


4.45★ 88.91%

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2015/02/25 12:30
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