What kind of trends I'm saying? On the very same that haunts me for a long time - people like trash and, as in this case, they are willing to pay money for it! This trend has penetrated into a variety of industries, film, literature, and that we are more interested in the game! I'm not saying that people refuse Well, no, it was good and remains good, it is popular, and so on, but the strap of this concept and strap below which people will not even look much dropped ... very much! These conclusions are not accidental, they are based on personal experience and observations - sometimes post a couple of games, a beautiful and thoughtful, and the second - crooked runner that proves popular and to attract more attention, why - is not clear.
Umi game so do masterpiece in this regard, and I'll explain why, just listing the factors due to which I would not play this game:
she is stupid, the story really is, and what we know does not help
game developer AvoTree - who is it ???
call schedule beautiful - do not dare
paid game!

Now, consider these points in more detail.
The game's plot - all we know, the main character - a seagull ... who knows how to use a sword and a gun ... plus, she went on a journey into a strange world where the background is nothing but lava and black surfaces does not exist or is a strange planet or Our solid after treatment. What's the point? - No!
As to the developers - I have nothing against the Cubs, but usually develop with free apps, and then all the way around, which is strange.
The graphics in the game deserves a separate paragraph Umi. The developers claim that it is drawn, and so on, ie, there are elements of manual labor and creativity, which is nice, but I've seen hand-drawn graphics, and she was beautiful, in our case, the feeling that this graphic drawing students! Especially the characters ... and the constant and static background is quickly bored and begins to oppress.
And finally, the fact that all the "pros" of the game, it costs a dollar general shock me! And what a strange - already about a thousand people bought the game, despite the fact that it came less than two weeks ago ...

The conclusion?
Maybe it is popular because the runner? By the way, yes, this runner, albeit platform, so that the objectives of the special here and there - just to break forward and try to survive as long as possible. It is also worth noting that each new entry you are given 3 lives, which is slightly prolong your existence. Sound in the game is made ​​in the style of 8-bit, and to be honest, this game is quite suitable. Needless dollar is not a lot of money, you may even get a lot of pleasure from this game, but it's your choice remains a mystery to me;)



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3.64★ 72.71%

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2015/02/19 10:28
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